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Примечание: Вся информация берется из открытых публичных источников (пресса, интернет,телефонные книги и т. д.).

People search
    Our agents utilize people search, also locate missing persons. For example, you have lost contact with your friend or girlfriend.  However we do not attempt to locate persons  missing for more than 3 years. We locate :  friends, wives, witnesses, etc. We determine a person's address data, if you give us uncompleted  information about this person. For example, you have a woman's first name, last name, the date of birth and the  city of residence. We will find her address and telephone number. Or you have her passport data or her  telephone number, but she does not answer you. We will established her real number. For all cases, first  you  contact us. Then, both you and our company together will discuss resources for a search. 

Identity check
             A real example. You were corresponding with your girlfriend  from Russia for the last 3 months. You're sure, that your relationship became very close. And it's even possible she has expressed her intimate feelings towards you.  You had purchased a flight ticket for $800  from  Los Angeles, USA to Moscow. You spent a lot of time and resources before your trip to an alien country. And at last you are in Moscow! You come to the flat of your darling woman. But the door is opened by some older woman, who appears to be 80 years old. Not only that, but this woman tells you no girl by that name lives in the house and she has never heard of the girl before. Or even there is no such address at all! You are in shock. What can you do ?
        The second example. Your girl friend asks you to send her some money for the flight ticket or for the  treatment  of her grandmother's illness , etc. You have sent $1000 to her. Then you go to the airport but  no one gets off  the plane, who is similar  to your girlfriend. Your woman has not arrived or disappeared completely. You have lost $500, $1000, $2000, $5000...What can you do ? 
        The third example. You were corresponding with her for a long time, you even talked with her by phone. You travel over 7000 km in order to meet your beautiful lady in person. But instead of the girl of your dreams, who is in the photos you've received, you find an unattractive and older woman. The reason is obvious: your lady simply sent you very old photos of herself that were more than 10 years old. What can you do ? 
        Our agency hopes you never find yourself in such a terrible situations. And we offer you the use of our identity check service. We will verify if she is a real person and her real appearance, etc. We will send you all proofs: photos, documents, etc by E-mail or by usual slow mail.

Background check
    We provide you with the service of a background check. We search information on Ukrainian and Russian girls and individuals in detail about his/her life, friends, meetings and more. Also we consider events such as  marriage, divorce and information on assets and civil  law, etc.  We will obtain the information on:

- real place of residence, the address of registration,
- if the person is married or liveing together with anybody as informal roommate,
- what his (her) informal work is, and informal employment,
- family, children,
- informal studying,
- perhaps conditions inside of her flat,
- besides our detectives will speak with her neighbors (in secret and very carefully, of course).
- other matters you need.

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Record searches
    We will help you to learn the details of records. These are :

 - marital records,
 - passport details,
 - criminal,  felony, misdemeanor records,
 - court records,
 - death records,
 - bankruptcy,
 - probate records,
 - traffic records,
 - real estate records.

    We can trace your genealogy. If you need to learn about your ancestry, who lived in the places which we serve (look at our Served regions), then you have contacted the right company. 

White pages
    We have access to almost all white pages, legal and hidden phone directories of the Ukrainian, Russian, Byelorussian and Kazakhstan towns. Make your inquiry to us from our order page right now. And we will send you the results of our search within 24 hours for a  reasonable price.

Besides searching for information by means of incomplete data:
- we learn the subscriber's name and address by means of his phone number,
- we learn the person's phone number by means of his name and address.

Yellow pages
    We will find the address data of enterprises in the Ukraine, Russia and Byelorussia. For example, you have a business in a certain field of activity. And you would like to find ssimilar firms for cooperation. We will help you to contact them.  We have access to almost all yellow pages of the Ukrainian, Russian, Byelorussian and Kazakhstan towns. Make your inquiry to us from our order page right now. And we will send you the result of our search within 24 hours for a  reasonable price.
    You need the map of a region in the Ukraine or in Russia. We can acquire it and scan it, then send it to you by E-mail. Or we can send original map to you by usual slow post. 

Secure business
    We complete different searches and investigations in the field of security for businesses.
For example we search for trustworthiness and reliability of your business partners and others. 
We can trace their:

- accounts,
- capital,
- co-founders,
- etc.

Additional services:
 - bodyguards,
 - protection of the information.
 - help in the restitution (return) of money

Our detectives are professionals. We complete even rather difficult tasks. We have a special department of economic investigations.

    Dating scam becomes a common thing in the field of virtual relations. A man, visited marriage agencies' sites or dating servers, starts correspondence with a lady attracted by her beauty, intelligence and feminine features. Everything, started with romantic letters, usually ends with fraud and money transfer to uncertainty.

Our company faces constantly with the scam in Internet acquaintances, with fraud in economic fields. Concerning the scam from dating agencies and from individual  scammers, then we have own big list of women-scammers, which are known by us as women with bad reputation. We can make your inquiry and if the woman or the agency is a scammer for certain, then we will give a notice to you. If we have no the exact data, that they are scammers for sure, then we will realize our investigation for  you and find out the truth.

If you want to obtain a fresh data about scammer or suspected person, you can order advanced paid search in our database. The price for this service is $99 USD. If you are interested in this service, please go to our order page now.


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