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To order one of our detective services, you should:

Step 1. Determine, if we serve the region or territory involved.
Step 2. Determine the amount from our prices.
Step 3. Send us the necessary data, which will help us in the work.
Step 4. Wait for our approval.
Step 5. Choose the method of payment then make the prepayment
Step 6. Wait for the confirmation and for the results of our work (look at below).

Served regions and completion time.

We work within the Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Moldova. We have our own agents and additionally have been co-operating with other professional detective companies in almost all Ukrainian cities, also in many Russian cities , towns and  regional centers. See the list of served towns and regions here.

Completion time for obtaining information: currently between 3-5 days after your request is received for us to serve such towns , regions and administrative areas around these towns. Completion time for all other regions of the Ukraine, Russia and Belarus is 5-7 days.

This list of areas served has been increasing constantly. You may send us a letter to inquire  how quickly we are able to serve the area you are interested in.

See aalso: Terms and Conditions

Necessary data

Usually we may need the following information, which can lighten our work in the search:

- person's full name;
- age;
- photos;
- address or telephone number;
- how you met each other (For example: we were friends since 1976. Or the name, address of the dating agency etc.);
- how long you were acquaintance with this person?
- did you sometimes communicate with her (him) by phone?
- list of all methods by which you communicated (E-mail, regular post, meeting in person, others);
- other knowledge about the person's family: with whom she(he) lives together (mother, father, grandmother, others);
- where was the person working or studying during that time?
- what did she(he) write you in her(his) last letter or said to you during your last conversation?
- What is the level of reliability of all your information?
- From what source have you received all your information about the person?
- What are the primary factors that disturbed you? Why have you started to worry?
- any other information, which perhaps may help in the investigation .

The price of our detective service s depend s on the complexity of the task. Write your inquiry to us by means of the link below and we will inform you of the exact cost. It's an important thing - that our work is guaranteed. 
  • We give simple advice and recommendations for our customers free of charge.
  • The price of most of our services is within $80 - 600 USD.
  • Usually 1 day of our detective work costs $ 80 - 120 in the Ukraine or $100-220 in Russia and Belarus. 
  • Or $10 - 20 per hour of work.

The final price can be discussed with you in person . In special cases we can give you a discount.

Note please. For quick consideration of your affair, answer within 48 or less hours and guaranteed start of the work you have to prepay us $25 USD by credit card from our secure payment page. We will reckon it as your deposit to us for the following service and subtract this amount from the final cost. This fee allow us to give you guaranteed preliminary analysis of your problem and our maximum attention to your case, necessary initial pre-investigation and our guaranteed answer to you with results of the preliminary investigation.

Also you can use usual slow consideration. It's free. Your inquiry will be considered within 10 -15 days, or not considered by us at all. For this option we reserve to ourselves the right to not answered your inquiry. It depends on our workload at the present moment.

Please,  write us a letter with your problem and we will tell you the exact cost of the work within 48 hours, or click the button below and fill in the request form:


We guard the security and confidentiality of the personal information you give us. We do not sell, trade or otherwise transfer the personal information of our customers to anyone. Unlike other commercial services  your information is protected with us. We do not give this information to anyone else. We keep it confidential.


In contrast to our not so numerous competitors, we always work only with guaranty, because  our detectives are professionals. We have successfully accomplished many complex tasks before.
If we are unable to meet our engagements or to find the requested information for some reason, then we will refund the money to our customer. Up to the present now we have never had such a situation. We have always been able to complete the work.


You may pay for our services by means of any of the methods which are indicated below.

1. By means of the Western Union system  (see the details here: It's the most preferable and reliable way,  because we can begin performing your order immediately and give you up to 20% discount to cover your transfer expenses. In this case you should send us an e-mail and ask us for the payment data. After that, if your are a USA resident, go to to make an on-line payment. If you are a not USA resident, go to the nearest of Western Union department in you city (usually it is located inside many banks) and make the payment. The duration of money transferring is 15 minutes. As soon we have received the funds, we start to work.

 2. By Moneygram system. See the details here: If your are an USA resident, you can make an on-line payment by credit card here:

 3. By means of credit card. Go to our credit card order page. This method is available for amounts ONLY under $100 USD. In this case we will accept your order after approval of your payment by our credit card provider. It takes about 2 days. Complete approval is in 30 days. Payment of the order through our site is safe procedure. Processing of the received data of the client (number of a credit card, essential elements, the registration data etc.) is made by the credit card processor having an own protected SSL-server for processing on-line payments, and also digital certificate VeriSign. Thus our agency does not receive access to information from your credit card.    

For all these cases you may write us a letter to ask about payment details.  Contact us.


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