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We are a Ukrainian detective agency, which provide different services within Ukraine, Russia and some other CIS countries. Our agency is one of the first in Ukraine, which began providing detectives services by means of the Internet. We have already had many successful results with our investigations. The sections below are explaining our activity.
We will be valuable to those persons, who need services such as: people search, find people, search missing persons in the Ukraine, Russia, CIS. We learn the addresses, phone numbers, the information on white pages and yellow pages. We have excellent investigators and spies, who perform background checks and surveillance. All investigations are completed with full confidentiality by our private investigators and private detectives. Our researchers may help you in cases: crime, fraud and other criminal investigations. Here are some of our other services: locating survivors, heirs of the deceased (if still living). We can help you to locate information in the drivers directory, driving directions and road maps. We provide classified investigations regarding family records, genealogy and background investigations. We cooperate and have connections with other genealogists, private detectives, detective agencies, investigators and telephone companies. These companies specialize in tracing and detection of women in dating agencies, quests and inquiries. We operate with other reference information, regarding person who have relocated.

We provide many different detective services for our customers. These are: background checks, surveillance (shadowing), people search, record searches, phone traces, white and yellow pages (the establishment of the address and the phone number), economic investigations, including secure business information and legal advice, etc. You may read about it on our services page.

We are one of the first investigative agency in Ukraine, which has begun to work on-line and to the present we have greater experience. We have a friendly staff. Our staff is well-experienced, our detectives are professionals. We cooperate with other agencies of the Ukraine and Russia, but usually our clients deal only with us, because we give them :
- good quality work,
- quick results,
- wide region coverage, large net of detectives,
- higher confidence of work,
- acceptable prices,
- results provided on a comfortable form,
- continuoued support,
- useful advice and a friendly staff,
- guarantees.

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"Dear Evgeniy
Thank you for the reports. I have received it. I have not been able to
find Mr ... ... on Facebook or any references on the Internet to
him. Are you able to provide any visual confirmation of him and / or
his Australian address? It might be listed in the divorce documents.
Also does it describe the reason for seeking a divorce?
Thank you for your responses. Your service has been professional and helpful.
... was the last name that's why couldn't find anyone by the name of ....
Also I just wanted to double check that ... is in fact the correct
year of birth for ... ... ?
I presume the date of birth is sourced from the marriage / divorce
Also what is your website address again? I would like to recommend
your service to others. You delivered more then what was expected.

Regards Tim.

"Dear Evgeniy,

Thank you for the report. However, there are more questions arisen from the
report than answers.

For example, the mobile number I have for Ruslana is different and the
Whatsapp details appear to be a different person too, so I am interested in
finding out more.

Is it possible to trace details of who owns a mobile phone from just the
phone number ?

I am 99% sure that the person who I am communication with is the same
person as in the photos, as she has proven this to me unless she paid this
other girl to have the photos taken although I doubt this somehow but not
discounting it !

Can you provide costs for further investigation as outlined ? If the woman
in the Whatsapp picture is not the same girl how can you ensure you would
not be following the wrong person ?

The fact that she is trying to hise her address from me is a concern but it
seems she is also trying to hide her address from any future employer too
so that seems even stranger to me, unless she either has a criminal record
or moves regularly.

Thanks for your assistance.



"It was my first time using such an investigation service, and I chose to call upon Alexandr and his people because they did something impressive right from the start. Right after I submitted my problem to them with providing them with only some general information about someone, they got back to me -free of charge- with some details about that individual that were impossible to know beforehand without doing real research, and that clinched the deal. They do know where to look to find stuff about people, have no doubt.
Aleksandr and his team are very thorough, they are able to dig up crazy stuff about a person, even things dating back a long time, and it can be precious information.
They have a special way of working that can be unsettling the first time you use them, because they will tell you nothing and be seldom in contact with you during the time their investigation lasts. When they do get back to you with the results, however, it's another story. You'll have what you pay for, no question, and even some bonuses if they can find supplementary information.
All in all, these are serious and professional people, and I do fully recommend you use them if you have any doubt about someone you are dating or are in business with. You'll know exactly what is what thanks to Aleksandr and his investigators."
:: Our Services

Make quick identity check of your fiancee.

Our detective agency will be useful to the people, who need such services as: people search, adoption, search missing persons in Ukraine, Russia, CIS. We locate address, phone, white pages, yellow pages. We have good investigators and spies, who perform investigation, russian background checks and surveillance. All investigations are made with confidentiality by our investigators and detectives. Our finder may help you in cases of: crime, fraud, criminal investigations. We consider also classified investigations concerning family records, genealogy, background investigations.

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:: Latest News

We extended the range of services: the real- estate records check was added.

We started the Section "Testimonials".

We increased the number of Ukrainian and Russian areas served by us.

25.10.03: We began to provide identity check.
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